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Get the best homeschool program that partners with you in the education of your children that encourages emotional intelligence.

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About the Course

This curriculum teaches college level subjects to kids ages 10-18 designed to increase emotional intelligence. This program strives to make learning fun, enjoyable and interesting.

Here are some awesome features of this program!

  • Enhance and expedite your homeschooling process
  • Kids and teens topics in a fun and interactive way.
  • Relevant, modern curriculum for today's society

It can operate as both a middle or high school level program. Either way, your child will love this unconventional approach to education!

Course Content

This is a detailed outline of the course.


Air: Weather, condensation, rain, clouds, storms, environmental particles, carcinogens

Water: Drinking water, saltwater, freshwater, lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds, creeks

Shelter: Learn about houses, apartments, boats, hotels, short-term rentals, tents, and various living arrangements

Clothing: Fashion, clothing types & functions  

Human Sexuality: Intimacy, reproduction, pregnancy, ideologies

Human biology: about the body, how the body works, basic anatomy and physiology


Personal security: security monitoring, cameras, marriage, pets, preventative actions, self-defense, restraining, etc.

Employment & resources: getting hired, starting own business, explore various careers, understanding salaries, revenue and taxes, concept of money & modern banking, developing your career profile, credit reports, credit scores, credit rating, unemployment, driving, getting loans or funding, consumer law

Health: nutrition, importance of healthy diet, fitness, first aid, treating common ailments, stress, beauty, grooming, periods, women’s health, caring for yourself (or someone) during periods, taking care of specific body parts, etc

Property: buying a car, buying a house, definition of property, car accidents, injuries, home insurance, renters insurance, car insurance, taxes, property taxes, maintaining house, property damage topics, car safety, house safety, other property types

Love & Belonging

Friendship: making friends, types of friendships, conflict in friendships, toxic friendships, being a good friend, understanding grief

Intimacy: love & marriage, significant others, relationships, weddings, caring about significant other, spouse topics, expressing romance, dating, men & women dynamics

Sense of connection: understanding other people, relating to others, communicating effectively, treating friends like family, getting along in your community, writing etiquette, dealing with strangers, helping others, altruism, getting involved in good causes, community spirit, empathy, love, understanding personality types, diversity


Respect: understanding respect, types of respect, earning respect, respecting others

Self-esteem: sense of self, understanding esteem, avoiding pride, being humble, wisdom, abasing and abounding, lowliness, how to feel about yourself, complimenting others, giving honor to whom honor is due

Status: financial status, social status, popular status, ranking, not being proud, authority levels

Recognition: complimenting others, gifting, avoiding bribes, showing appreciation

Strength: resilience during tough times, being strong in the Lord, physical strength, mental strength, tenacity, fortitude

Freedom: independence, real definition of freedom, being free, sense of self, understanding esteem, avoiding pride, being humble, wisdom, abasing and abounding, lowliness, how to feel about yourself, complimenting others, giving honor to whom honor is due


Morality: ethics, justice, lawful, unlawful, right vs wrong, choices, values, character, laws, righteousness

Creativity: smart, wisdom, genius, diverse creativity, skill sets, creating, thinking, reasoning, critical thinking, logic, reasoning, contemporary math

Spontaneity: personality types, behavioral continuums, rationalizing, decision making, defense mechanisms

Acceptance: understanding God’s word, understanding yourself, not looking down on others, Proverbs/Ecclesiastes perspectives

Bible: prayer, trusting in the Lord, not worrying, not being in fear, handling dilemmas with God’s wisdom


Dr. Tessa served as our featured student speaker at Student Summit to Advance Educational Excellence for Girls hosted for regional middle and high school students. She described her motivation, support system and other resources that audience members could tap in to feel safe, supported and engaged in their academic careers. We look forward to collaborating with her to advance equity for and to accelerate the educational excellence of women and girls.

Monique, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence

Thank you Dr. Tessa for your relentless dedication to encouraging military personnel toward academic excellence as they serve their country. Your program is focused on developing future leaders.

Patti, U.S. Navy

Jump the Education Barrier is in a unique position as a leader in test performance and college entrance assessment, allowing us to accumulate enormous knowledge on how best to improve student performance, college readiness, and skill gaps across cohorts of students.

Dennis, Thornwood High School