OneTwentyEdu - Complete a Bachelor's Degree in 4 Months

This 120-day system provides a personalized approach to gain an alternative college credit in a condensed amount of time.

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About the Course

Get the strategies, tools, and guidance you need to finish college fast.

What are you going to learn?

  • strategies - you'll gain access to personalized steps to navigate your education journey.
  • tools - you'll get the relevant study guides for each course you'll complete through our program.
  • guidance - you'll be able to Zoom or Facetime our team for support.

Regardless of your age, academic level, or learning style, this one of a kind course guides you through the exact steps you can take to complete a Bachelor's degree in nearly any major, at any accredited college or university, on-campus or online.

Since you can't fully test your way to a degree, this very unique program successfully weaves an education route for you that combines the right components to offer accredited credit pathways to accredited degree programs. The education journey is often overwhelming, but thankfully you'll have the Jump the Education Barrier course to walk you through this process one step at a time!

Course Content

We know you're super excited! Here are some answers to the questions you may have.

If I finish college fast, will that mean I won't actually learn anything?​​​​​​​

When executed correctly, finishing college at an accelerated pace allows you to learn what you need to know regarding your industry so you can get started in your career and make a difference in society. You'll be taught the strategies to retain everything you learn.

I'm not a fast learner. How can I complete a 4-Year Degree in 6 Months?

You don't need to be a fast learner to go through college. The current education system is designed to stretch on for long periods of time with repetitive information. All you need is the knowledge, understanding, and strategies to learn college subjects at an accelerated pace.

But I don't have time to go through college! How can I possibly add something else to my schedule?

​​​​​​​The reality is, you have to make the time. And what I've learned as I've now gone through the entire educational journey is that it is possible to tweak your schedule and your learning style to make an accelerated journey possible.

What if the college I choose doesn't support this route? And at what university will I complete this accelerated program?

That's where Jump the Education Barrier comes in. Jump the Education Barrier teaches the strategies which allows you to earn a degree in nearly ANY major at nearly ANY accredited college or university, whether it's on-campus or online.

I'm already in college. Will this program help me?

Absolutely! Even if you already have taken college classes, this program will greatly benefit you and help set you on the path to finish your Bachelor degree within the next few months.

I'm in high school (or homeschool). Can I still get a college degree?

Yes! There is no age restriction for this program. Whether you're in homeschool, middle school, high school, military, or at retirement age, these tools and strategies will help you earn your degree at an accelerated pace.

In OneTwentyEdu, you'll get the exact strategies I've used and the steps you'll take to quickly complete a Bachelor degree in your desired major at ANY accredited institution.


We appreciate Jump the Education Barrier’s interest and willingness to lend their time and expertise in teaching our visiting high school classes. Thanks for consistently looking for ways to use skills to serve others in your community.

White House - Office of Presidential Correspondence

Thank you again for creating this wonderful opportunity for our young students! We are all hard working citizens and we appreciate that you want to make a better tomorrow for future generations!

Stephanie, 3rd Ward GOP

Wow, this inspiring program is the future of education!

Congressman Brad Schneider