About Me

Hi there. I’m Denis, the Conversation Architect with Jump the Education Barrier.

I have spent 25 + years in construction and home design business. I've had showrooms construction offices / design centers. I'm a licensed real estate broker enjoying buying and selling homes and projects for my clients.

I love being in a business where my efforts can lead to a positive impact. As the Conversation Architect, I’ll offer a listening ear and helpful resources to you before and during your enrollment with Jump the Education Barrier. I find myself always willing to give advice, help or whatever is needed, sometimes for perfect strangers.

I wrote a book called It’s Just that Easy filled with the best suggestions and plans for academic success.

A lesson I learned a long time ago, is that giving with no expectations is rewarding and freeing. The one thing I can say is I always have a smile on my face. I know I can get through anything with a kind heart, giving spirit and a no-quit attitude.

We at Jump the Education Barrier work with students in a holistic way, trying to understand the many facets of their lives and how they fit together. We help students develop strong study skills and habits, manage their time, set goals and determine how to attain those goals. We provide information about academic resources and opportunities, and we assist in managing the stress that can arise during your time with Jump the Education Barrier.

A family support system

We have an amazing family support system designed to encourage and inspire you to excel academically; because when our students achieve success, we all achieve success.