About Me

Hi, I'm Jessica and I’m the Writing Lab Extraordinaire with Jump the Education Barrier.

I was raised in the Caribbean, then moved to Chicago for my grade school and high schooling, then moved to Florida to follow my dream of living near the ocean. I am on track to graduate with my bachelors degree in psychology.

I have worked in the human resources field in communication, culture development and training. I am a conservationist and developed an eco-friendly organization specializing in community cleanups and education.

Every writer needs a reader, so I’ll be in contact with you to provide feedback at different points in your writing process. You’ll be encouraged as you organize ideas for your essays, revise for grammar, and cite sources adequately.

We at Jump the Education Barrier work with students in a holistic way, trying to understand the many facets of their lives and how they fit together. We help students develop strong study skills and habits, manage their time, set goals and determine how to attain those goals. We provide information about academic resources and opportunities, and we assist in managing the stress that can arise during your time with Jump the Education Barrier.

A family support system

We have an amazing family support system designed to encourage and inspire you to excel academically; because when our students achieve success, we all achieve success.